All you can eat

http://ift.tt/1laUtE6 alissa_brunelli: ” One more of the super sexy @boomerbox for @suicidegirls! #hopefulsuicidegirls Styled by @ohnoradeo! “

http://ift.tt/1ivF0v1 linnovasuicide: ” Unfortunately my day didn’t get much better. Once I got off work, I pulled onto the (3 lane) highway when a white Audi sped up right behind me. He must’ve been racing the truck that flew by in the lane next to us. I guess he didn’t like that I wasn’t automatically going 90 (in a 45), so he sped up and cut me off. He then peeked his scrawny head and middle finger out the window, and SLAMMED ON HIS BREAKS! 😱⚠️ Luckily I was able to stop my car INCHES from his bumper. Then he fucking took off!! 😡What kind of coward would DO that? Do you feel big, standing up to a girl? Do you really need a new bumper that bad? Or maybe mom and dad will buy you a new toy once you’ve total this one? 😤Things like that just blow my mind. We are here on this earth to take care of each other, to love and be loved, to create and inspire, to teach and grow. Why would you want to hurt someone you’ve never met for no reason? “

http://ift.tt/1jbn5X4 cheeksgalloway: ” #fanart I did sometime ago of #poisonivy sending smooches… deadly smooches #dccomics #gothamgirls #greenthumb #seancheeksgalloway #grounded #tbt “

http://ift.tt/1qRdKtv luanna90: ” Wearing the comfiest sweater today (with holes and all) @concreterunway_ “

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